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Chin Implant

What is a Chin Implant?

Chin Implant or Chin Augmentation is a plastic surgery to reduce (known as mentoplasty) or increase (known as genioplasty) the size of the patient’s chin. The surgery is often coupled with rhinoplasty which together forms a very powerful way to achieve a perfect balance of facial features. It is also common that FaceLift procedure is performed at the same time.

Why Chin Implant?

Chin Implant, Chin Augmentation or also known as Genioplasty is one of the most powerful ways to drastically amend the features of not only the chin itself. What one considers a beautiful may be subjective, yet no one would argue that all the face features should appear balanced and harmonious. Although eyes, nose, lips and cheeks contribute to the overall face balance, it is the chin that plays one of the key roles due to its location and shape.

A Chin Implant can drastically change the shape of the chin by giving it more a pointy or round shape so that it looks aligned with your other face features.

Types of Chin Implant

The Chin Implant can be made from various materials such as:

  • Silicone – this is the most common type of the implant. It is smooth and flexible yet can not be attached to the tissues, hence the pocket must be precisely prepared by the surgeon.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (also known as Gore-Tex) – this is a soft, yet very strong type of material. It is typically attached to the bone using screws.
  • Polyethylene – represents a hard and porous material. The benefit of this type of the implant is that the tissues may grow into the pores improving the blood circulation. The downside is that this implant it usually the hardest one to remove.
  • Acellular Dermal Matrix (also known as AlloDerm) – this basically represents a human tissue that comes from a donor after death.

The choice of the material needs to be tailored to the individual needs and the doctor will help the patient to choose the one that is best suited.

For more details on the Chin Implant types, please refer to the Precise Medical Link guide.

Free Consultation With The Doctor

When the patient comes in for a free consultation about performing a Chin Implant the initial objective is to understand what is it exactly about the chin the patient is not happy with. Once the area of concern is identified the doctor would take the patient through the pictures or real-life example to identify the desired result. Sometimes, the doctor may even digitally model the new chin appearance on the computer screen for the patient to help him/her visualise the result.

Depending on the desired result the doctor may suggest to couple the Chin Implant with Rhinoplasty or/and Face Lift.

It is important to note that the professional medical advice from a qualified doctor is paramount. Each patient is unique and there is no one size fits all solution, hence a tailored and personalised consultation is a must before any decisions are made.

How is the Surgery done?

Before you can commit yourself to the surgery it is important to be prepared both physically and mentally. If you are a smoker, it would be beneficial to quit smoking prior to the surgery. One of the impacts of nicotine is that it reduces the body’s abilities to heal and recover quickly which is crucial after the Chin Implant or Chin Augmentation procedure.

Once you are ready for the operation, the doctor will invoke general anaesthesia or alternatively an intravenous sedation.

The surgery is commenced by inciting an incision either inside of the lower mouth or outside below the chin. Through the incision, the Chin Implant is inserted into a pocket or fixed to the soft tissue, alternatively a jawbone.

Once the Chin Implant is in place the incision is closed and stitched. The complete surgery should take anywhere from half an hour to an hour.

If the incision was made inside of the lower lip, you should expect no scars, yet if the incision was made outside, under the chin there will be a concealed, barely noticeable scar.

What Happens After The Surgery?

Once the surgery has successfully been completed, the doctor will prescribe the patient antibiotics and pain killers. It is important to provide an additional assistance to the patient’s recovering body by reducing the chances of infection and pain.

The patient may also notice that some of the facial movements are impaired, yet this typically come back to normal in the next day or two after the surgery. The patient may also experience the sense of discomfort, swelling and numbness which again is a temporary inconvenience.

The patient will also be asked to keep chewing at a minimum and only consume soft food and liquids for the next couple of days after the surgery.


Since the recovery process takes time and greatly depends on the patient’s good health – three to four months should be expected for the complete recovery. It also takes as long to appreciate the results of the surgery as the visual aesthetics become apparent only after the complete recovery.

If you would like to know more about Chin Implant or Chin Augmentation or how to look younger and more beautiful, please Contact Us for a free pre-surgery consultation.

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